Dear customers!

     You  can find the location  and status  of the recorded postal item under search at any time convenient
for you.

                                        You can get the information about:
     - Domestic recorded postal items that are forwarded throughout the territory of Ukraine;
     - International recorded postal items that are forwarded outside the territory of Ukraine;
     - International recorded postal items that arrived to Ukraine.

     For your attention -  the list of countries with national posts, which carry out a bilateral exchange of statuses on the delivery of international mail with Ukrposhta.

     At the moment you have an opportunity to track the location of international mail:
     - international parcels in 161 countries;
     - international written correspondence (small packets, parcels, registered mail) in 68 countries;
     - international mail with declared value in 32 countries.

     Please, enter (without blanks and other symbols) the full  13 alphabetic-numeric number (bar code  identifier)  of postal  item  which  is  indicated on  your accounting document  (sales  check, receipt etc.) and click «Search» or «Enter».

     The identifier of international postal item consists of 13 symbols, where: 1st and 2nd symbols are Latin letters that start with letters R, C and V; 3-11 symbols are numbers, 12th and 13th are letters that  represent the  two-letter code of outgoing country (for example, UA — Ukraine, RU — Russian Federation, US — USA, IL — Israel etc.).

     The identifier of domestic postal item consists of 13 digits.

                            Examples of numbers:
International postal items: RA123456789UA, CA123456789UA, VA123456789UA
Domestic postal items: 0123456789123


Information about location and status of postal item transmittance is constantly updated and is accessible in the system within 6 months from the date of postal item registration.